In the late 50s and very early 60s, the term "mod" (or "modernist") was given to a hip cat or kitten who listened to modern jazz. The term was co-opted by a British youth movement in the early to mid sixties. Art, drugs, fashion, and music were at the core of this early mod movement; though political and social ideologies were later attributed to it. The wild clothes, music, and art produced and consumed by these kids inspired later "mod revivals".

Each local and national revival produced music and art which was patterned on the 60s mod aesthetic; from loosely to quite strictly. Each scene and individual created their own lifestyles, which fit their definition, of what it is to be a mod. Many people who currently consider themselves mods model their lifestyle after the mods of the sixties; including the clothes that they wear, the scooters they ride, the music they listen to, and the books that they read. Others believe that being a mod today means keeping abreast of contemporary developments in the arts and music.


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